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ISO 9001 Certificate


Kweng Hong Packaging Industry Sdn. Bhd.

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Manufacturer of Corrugated Carton Boxes & Paper Pallet

Our 1st responsibility is to render services to our CUSTOMERS.
We are in a corrugated carton/paper line to supply packaging needs of our customer by producing carton boxes/paper pallet products as requested by their STANDARD OF REQUIREMENTS,TIMELY AT REASONABLE.
2nd responsibility is to our EMPLOYEES.
Recognizing that our most important resources is our PEOPLE. We are committed to create a climate that encourage TEAM WORK & PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT of each employee.We believe a better and understanding working environment will enable everyone of us to contribute and improve further. We emphasis on CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT so everyone are encourage to take an ACTIVE ROLE.
3rd responsibility is to our SHAREHOLDERS.
In order for the business to survive, business must make a SOUND PROFIT.
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